Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Water Extraction for Water Damage Repair

Water extraction is a crucial part of any water damage Lakeway  repair efforts. In fact, most of the important repair work can't be done as long as there is standing water in any given area. While the first step for repairing water damage is the inspection, removing all water from the area is the all important step two.

Extraction in this case means a lot more than just getting a water vacuum and bringing up the sitting surface water. This includes water that is soaked in any carpeting, that has caused any plywood or other similar material to become soggy, and to truly extract every bit of moisture into the damaged area is bone dry.

Full water extraction is critical for any repair work to take care of any water damage in the house. Depending on the contractors you use, and the specific area that has been damaged, it is very possible that the contractors will use a variety of special tools that are customized specifically to take care of these very issues. Don't assume a normal vacuum cleaner will work because it usually won't be nearly enough to get the job done right.

If you need water extracted call a professional today.


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