Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Water Damage Extraction, Cleanup And Restoration

When a natural disaster involving water occurs, fast action must take place. The more the water damage restoration Austin is allowed to set in, the more damage it is going to cause. 

Even once the water is removed, the damaged material itself can spread, so there are certain steps that are required to get the job done.  I ran into this a few months back, and I was able to see first-hand how it was dealt with. 

I didn't have to pay for any of the services because it happened in the public hallway outside of my condominium. The fire sprinkler went off, and the water just flowed everywhere!

I tried with dozens of towels from the maids to keep it from entering my condo as we waited for the water to be shut off and the fire department and maintenance crew to arrive. There was no fire, but someone had hit the sprinkler to make it go off. 

Subsequently, the water damage extraction was done immediately by the fire crew and maintenance with huge professional shop vacs. Then, an extraction and restoration team was there an hour later working on getting everything back to normal. The process was handled with expedient care.


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